Kelowna-Lake Country Tracy Gray. (Photo/Facebook)

Kelowna-Lake Country Tracy Gray. (Photo/Facebook)

Kelowna-Lake Country MP Gray’s ‘End Revolving Door Act’ closed

Bill to add more addiction services to federal prisons was voted down by Parliament

A private member’s bill to provide more access to mental health and addiction treatment for prisoners in federal institutions has been defeated.

Put forward by Kelowna-Lake Country MP Tracy Gray, Bill C-283, or the ‘End the Revolving Door Act’, was voted down by Parliament on March 22. In a Facebook post, Gray said she was disappointed with the result.

“The Liberal/NDP approach on addictions has put more drugs on our streets, leading to more addictions, deaths and despair,” she added.

Gray said that since Justin Trudeau became prime minister, violent crime has increased by 32 per cent and gang-related killings have nearly doubled.

“Across the country, Canadians are falling victim to random acts of violence on our streets and our transit systems.”

Gray pointed out that Conservatives put forward a solution that would offer an important tool to help reduce recidivism, address Canada’s mental health and addictions crisis and help improve community safety.

Bill C-283 included measures that would have allowed the Commissioner of Correctional Service of Canada to designate all or part of a federal penitentiary as an addiction treatment and recovery facility.

In voting against the legislation, Gray said the Liberals and NDP show that they will continue to focus on their failed approach that leaves addicts trapped in their addictions and Canada’s streets less safe.

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