Kindergarten registration trending upwards after years of decline

Kindergarten numbers in Revelstoke appear to be stabilizing two years after an alarmingly-small number of students were enrolled.

Seventy-nine children were registered for kindergarten during the late-February sign-up period. They will be the first students to enjoy full-day kindergarten in Revelstoke.

The number of students is the same as the 79 that are in kindergarten this year, said district superintendent Anne Cooper.

“It’s hopeful it will be above 80 when we use the numbers to organize later in April,” she said.

The past two years represent a substantial improvement over the 59 children that started kindergarten two years ago. That small cohort is causing problems with classroom organization as they move up through the school system.

“It’s a lot healthier than our lowest cohort, which was alarming,” said Cooper.

Enrolment in the school district has been declining for the past several decades. Cooper previously told the Times Review that a cohort of about 100 was ideal in terms of avoiding split classes. With 92 babies born in both 2009 and 2010, it is possible the district will come closer to obtaining that goal.