Salmon Arm firefighters put out a fire at 17th Street NE  residence on Dec. 18

Salmon Arm firefighters put out a fire at 17th Street NE residence on Dec. 18

Local family suffers second house fire

Family grateful for firefighters and community’s support.

A Sicamous family is in need of accommodation after experiencing their second residential fire in as many years.

Tyler Dymond said the fire was discovered when his wife, Kim, heard what sounded like water leaking in their Pine Street home on Sunday, Feb. 12. The leaking was the result of a fire that had spread into the wall behind a bathroom shower.

“I’m not sure where it started, I have no idea,” said Tyler. “I know that I went out there and I grabbed my two fire extinguishers and we did what we did but it had already gone into the roof.”

Tyler said his family, including four-year-old son and three-month- old daughter, were quick to get out, with neighbours helping in the process.

“We have amazing neighbours and every one of them helped us, they were coming in the house and grabbing our kids and helping with whatever they could help with,” said Tyler. “It spread very fast and yeah, we just had to give up. Once it was in the roof, there was no stopping it. It took the whole roof of the house.”

The Sicamous fire department received a report of a structure fire around 12:30 p.m., and immediately contacted the Malakwa fire department for mutual aid.

Fire Chief Brett Ogino said he and his crew arrived on scene to find smoke and flame coming out of the roof and from the rear of a two-storey home. Firefighters first knocked out the blaze in the back of the house, and then proceeded to open a vent in the roof in order to attack the flames that had spread into the ceiling.

“The Malakwa and Sicamous fire departments were spectacular, they saved whatever they could,” said Tyler. “They were bringing pictures out to us, anything they could. It was awesome. The support on that end was absolutely fantastic.”

Though keeping a positive tone for his family, Tyler is shaken by the experience one he and his family (except for his daughter) went through in Dec. 2015, when they were renting a home in Salmon Arm. That fire was particularly devastating for the Dymonds, taking with it pretty much all of their worldly possessions.

“I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet,” said Tyler of the recent fire. “It’s just one of those things that shouldn’t happen to somebody once. It’s just a lot to take in…

“In our last situation, we lost everything, it was very hard to keep going, we’re a little bit better equipped this time and we’ll just keep on going. We just appreciate all the love of the community.”

In response to the 2015 fire, a GoFundMe account was set up for the Dymonds. Tyler said that was a blessing for his family, but emphasized they have insurance this time around and are doing OK.

“I think that type of money can definitely go to people who are in a lot more need,” said Tyler. “It’s nice to just talk to people.

“We’ve got a lot of support in the community. Having groceries and stuff is always handy, that’s about all I can think of, really.”

Tyler said much of the ceiling in the house has collapsed because of the water damage and they are now in search of temporary accommodation as they wait for their home to be rebuilt.

“It will take a long time I’m not estimating anything less than five months,” said Tyler.