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Love blossoms on the Kelowna campaign trail

A pair of campaign volunteers have fallen in love and plan to get engaged after the Oct. 15 election

Sparks were flying and love was in the air during the 2022 Kelowna municipal election campaign.

A love story straight out of a Hallmark movie between two young professionals volunteering on Mohini Singh’s city council re-election campaign blossomed over coffee and political “strategising.”

Balzor Singh and Gulshanpreet Brar had met a few times before working together, as their mothers are friends, but considered each other to be nothing more than acquaintances.

While working together on door hangers, Brar said that she really “saw his personality,” for the first time, but kept the relationship professional.

It was not until Mohini Singh said that they would make a cute couple that Singh and Braar quietly took their connection seriously.

“Unbeknown to the rest of the team love started to blossom between Singh and Brar,” said the incumbent city councillor.

A little while later while at a team meeting Mohini Singh asked if anything was going on between the two volunteers because they were both “glowing,” and the news broke that they were officially together.

Singh and Brar plan to focus on campaigning for now and have scheduled an engagement party for after the election.

Mohini Singh said that as the matchmaker, typically she would be given money and gifts but she has simply asked the couple to name their first daughter Mohini and Brar said that they will.

“We just want to thank Mohini,” said Brar. “She could see that something was between us.”


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