Meet the city council candidates: part 2

Here's part two of introductions to Revelstoke City Council candidates, introducing the final five candidates.

In addition to other election coverage, over the coming weeks before the Nov. 19 election, the Revelstoke Times Review will be running a question and answer series that will highlight candidates’ views and positions on the issues. We’ll print their answers directly.

If you have a question you’d like to ask the candidates, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

This week, we’re starting with a basic introduction. This week, we’re running the second half of answers to our first basic introduction question. (Read about the first seven candidates here.) Here’s the question we’ve posed:

Introduce yourself and your relevant experience that will guide you as a councillor, then tell us why you’ve decided to run for council

Steve Bender

I have been a Revelstoke resident for 20 years with three years on city council representing finance, the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club and Society, affordable housing committee, city-owned golf course, grant-in-aid committee and Revelstoke Foundation. I bring to the position a combined 35 years of experience in private broadcast and museum management. I have served as the area director for the B.C. Chamber of Commerce, president of the Revelstoke Rotary Club, a director with The Mt. Mackenzie Alpine Society and the Revelstoke Alcohol and Drug Association.

I have decided to run for council again because I found my first term extremely interesting and challenging beyond expectation. The list of challenges and ongoing issues is too long to recount here but I believe we must continue to make our city in transition, a place of economic, social and lifestyle opportunity for all. To that end I hope I will have the opportunity to continue to offer my efforts. I have also decided to run again to help promote job and business opportunities, heritage preservation, fiscal responsibility (the best bang for our tax bucks), affordable housing and youth involvement in local politics, to name a few.

Thank you, for past and perhaps future opportunities.

Rick Hodgson

There are four reasons why I put my name forward for council and each reason is a generation.

My wife and I moved permanently to Revelstoke from Vernon in November of 2010. But my involvement with Revelstoke goes back 15 years to when my daughter moved to Revelstoke.

As a graphic artist and sign maker, I was very impressed with how the city looked and how it had created an image that competed with the mountain scenery for the tourists’ attention. No small accomplishment. Through my daughter, I also came to know some of Revelstoke’s younger generation, those who depended on local industry for a livelihood and looked forward to a future in Revelstoke.

Another daughter moved to Revelstoke. We got to know another circle of younger people. Five years ago we bought a house here for the frequent visits. Now there are two (almost three) grandchildren and, in June, my mother who turned 90 in July, joined us in Revelstoke.

We may have all made Revelstoke our home, but I have real concerns as to whether there will be a real future here for the younger people. Voicing those worries over and over, I was told to “put up or shut up.” I chose the easier path. I turned in nomination papers.

I have no easy answers to ensure the continued existence of Revelstoke as a real, viable “community.” But I do have some skills and experience to offer in the search for solutions.

Jason Roe

I am a business owner, homeowner, avid skier, recreationalist and father to two active toddlers. My wife Lynsay and I have lived in Revelstoke since 2006. Our daughter Mackenzie is four and our son Harrison, born in Revelstoke, is two-and-a-half years.

I am part owner of The Powder Springs Hotel and invest in local residential and commercial rental properties. I am a member of the City of Revelstoke Enhancement Committee and Chamber of Commerce. Over the past five years, in an effort to establish successful businesses in Revelstoke and employ a number of employees, I have immersed myself in civic politics and touched on planning, affordable housing, tourism, destination marketing and the resort’s relationship with our community

Making a commitment to run for council and ideally serve our community has not been made in haste. I am committed and genuine, with a real interest in our community and its future. If elected, I intend to use my common sense, business experience and awareness of the economic and social issues we face locally and globally to make the best decisions for our community.

My vision of our community and its evolution in the coming years is a well managed, sustainable, economically healthy and safe home to our residences and their future families.

I look forward to the Revelstoke Times Review’s questions regarding your candidate’s objectives in the coming weeks and encourage you to contact me at any time to discuss our issues at hand at

Tony Scarcella

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Tony Scarcella and I am currently a city councillor and seeking to continue to represent the citizens of Revelstoke if I am re-elected. I have been a citizen of Revelstoke now for over 45 years and my background has been the restaurant business during the majority of that time. I am currently active as a member of two service clubs and have served as a director of the Chamber of Commerce and have coached youth soccer.

I have served on city council for 12 years and during these terms I have chaired public works, finance, and recreation. I have had the opportunity to work with various MLA’s at the Provincial government level which has helped secure grants that have been of benefit to our community financially. I have been an open listener and if elected I will continue to work as a team to accomplish goals.

As a long term citizen of Revelstoke, I enjoy being part of this community. My wife and I have children and grand children that reside in this community and so I understand the importance of future generations. During the years of experience, I have been a voice for the citizens of Revelstoke and will continue to do so if re-elected. I will apply what I have learned and feel that I can contribute further to our community.

Pat Wells

I am running for council to try and bring some control to the spending process and maybe to find a way to better manage the city’s finances with maybe even a chance to lower taxes. Also I am hoping to bring a “greener “ vision to city hall. I have many years of experience on various local boards and on the board of directors of both the British Columbia Wildlife Federation and the British Columbia Conservation Foundation. During my tenure with these organizations I chaired  both their land use committees and wildlife habitat committees. I have lived in Revelstoke for nearly 30 years; my children and grandson were born here. I have been vocal and articulate in my concerns over various issues in the past, and bring a huge passion and energy with me.