A trailer burned down near Arrow Park on June 5. (Photo by Desiree Donahue)

Mobile home fire near Nakusp outside fire department boundary

No fire department responded

A mobile home was completely destroyed by fire on June 5 outside Nakusp, according to a RCMP release.

The fire was in the 3000 block of Highway 6, near Arrow Park. The fire department could not respond as the home was outside of Nakusp and Burton fire protection areas, said the RCMP.

Unlike Revelstoke, Nakusp fire department does not respond to fire’s outside city limits in the regional district.

However, the BC Forestry Fire Services was on standby if the fire spread into the surrounding heavily treed forest, which it did not.

RCMP said the mobile home was vacant and believes the fire was not intentionally set. Cause of the fire is believed to be an electrical issue.