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Morning Start: ‘E’ is the most common letter used in English vocabulary

Your morning start for Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Welcome back from the May long weekend. Here’s your morning start to get your day going.

Fun fact: “E” is the most common letter used in English vocabulary

An analysis of the letters occurring in the words listed in the main entries of 2004’s 11th edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary found that the letter E was the most common letter used in forming the individual English words.

Results also revealed that the letter E appears in 11 per cent of words in the English language and is over 56 times more common than the letter Q, which appears in just 0.2 per cent of words.

Following E, the most popular letter found was A, which can be found in 8.5 per cent of all words in the English language.

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Sterling Makara was driving home from a weekend camping trip on Rose Road at around 4 p.m. when he found himself behind some cyclists.

Makara admitted he got frustrated and aggressive. “The bike riders were still on the pavement, he had a mountain bike so he could have moved to drive on the gravel,” he told the Capital News.

Makara’s dash-cam footage recorded the entire incident, with audio.

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