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Morning Start: The word Wednesday is derived from the Germanic god Wodan

Your morning start for Friday, June 25, 2021

Good morning and a very happy Friday! The heat wave continues today and is showing no signs of slowing down, so remember to stay hydrated this weekend.

Fun fact: The word Wednesday is derived from the Germanic god Wodan

The word “Wednesday” has Germanic linguistic origins, according to Grammarly.com.

Wednesday is derived from the Old English word, Wōdnesdæg, which honours the Germanic god Wodan, the grammar website states.

“Wodan was one of the most important deities of Anglo-Saxon and Continental Germanic polytheism and was especially prominent in England during the fifth and sixth centuries, before Christianity fully took root,” writes Grammarly.

“This explains the development of the word in Old English. Wodan corresponds to the ancient Roman deity of Mercury, for whom Wednesday is named in many Romance languages, including French (Mercredi), Italian (Mercoledì), and Spanish (Miércoles).”

Over time, Wōdnesdæg evolved to Wednesdei as the transition from Old English to Middle English was made, which Grammarly said may be due to the increased linguistic influence from French.

“Anyway, considering that there has been a d in Wednesday for roughly the past 2,000 years, it probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Furthermore, most Brits actually do pronounce the d in Wednesday,” said Grammarly.

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