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New charging station will use up six stalls in Salmon Arm’s Hudson parking lot

City to enter 10-year licence of occupation with BC Hydro
The City of Salmon Arm is entering a 10-year licence of occupation with BC Hydro for the installation of an electric vehicle direct current fast charge station at the Hudson Parking Lot by the Salmar Grand. (City of Salmon Arm image)

BC Hydro will be expanding its network of electric vehicle fast charging stations with one going in at Salmon Arm’s Hudson Parking Lot next to the Salmar Grand.

At its June 26 meeting, council voted unanimously in support of the city entering a 10-year licence of occupation with the Crown corporation which will install a Direct Current Fast Charge station in the city parking lot. The licence includes use of six parking spots, and includes the option to renew for another 10-year term.

City engineer Gabriel Bau Baiges explained BC Hydro is covering the $500,000 installation cost, and will also bear ongoing operational costs. The city is to provide general maintenance of the parking spaces including stall painting, asphalt patching and snow clearing.

“Users of the charging station (are) to pay separately for the use of the charging station and parking. This will not reduce the number of reserved parking stalls,” reads a staff report to council.

The city’s planning department comments in the staff report that the proposed location encourages “visitation of surrounding commercial businesses and pedestrian use of the city centre.” Coun. Sylvia Lindgren, however, suggested that might be better accommodated with the provision of a Level 2 charging station option which she explained may not be as fast charging as what BC Hydro plans to install, but offers greater flexibility.

“My one concern… is we don’t have any Level 2 chargers downtown and the benefit… of Level 2 chargers is that people need to plug in their car for an hour or two hours and that enables them to walk around downtown and spend a lot of money, go out for lunch, go shopping, get their groceries, those kinds of things,” said Lindgren, noting Level 3 fast charging stations “mostly service people who are just passing through quickly.”

City engineering and public works director Rob Niewenhuizen said BC Hydro is installing the fast charging station to add to its Interior loop, “so it is designed for the stop and go.”

“I see the dilemma there; it’s more of a stop and go versus a stop and shop, but that’s the mandate of BC Hydro’s Interior Loop, it’s basically to give people the ability to charge and continue on or stop and stay,” said Niewenhuizen.

Other councillors supported BC Hydro’s plans for the parking lot, though Kevin Flynn suggested signage be included encouraging people to visit the downtown.

BC Hydro currently operates the fast charge station in the Ross Street parking lot. According to, as of July 4 there were eight charging stations available throughout Salmon Arm.

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