New hotel proposed for Revelstoke by owner of Regent, Best Western

Revelstoke developer and hotel owner Fred Beruschi is proposing to build a 5.5 story hotel in the Farwell neighbouhood.

A Revelstoke developer is planning to build a new hotel on the property at the corner of First Street and Wright Street.

A Revelstoke developer is planning to build a new hotel on the property at the corner of First Street and Wright Street.

A Revelstoke developer is proposing to build a 5.5-storey hotel in the Farwell neighbouhood.

The Revelstoke Land & Development Co. is proposing to build a new hotel at the intersection of Wright Street and First Street, across from the Gateway Inn.

They have applied for a development variance permit that would allow for a 5.5-storey hotel on the site. Council will consider the application at it’s meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

“The proposed building height would have a limited impact on residential development on Second Street as the proposed siting would see the building located in the north-east portion of the site,” states a staff report by Dean Strachan, the city’s manager of development services. “The adjacent commercial properties to the north-west and the School site to the south are not anticipated to be adversely impacted by the proposed development. The adjacent commercial development on First Street would see additional afternoon shading on the northern portion of the building.”

The current zoning allows for a 2.5-storey building.

The developer would be required to upgrade the road frontages surrounding the hotel as a condition of the permit.

The land in question is zoned as part of the Victoria Road Commercial District. The development would see 11 lots consolidated into one.

If the variance is supported, property owners within 100 metres of the proposed hotel will be notified. The feedback would be presented to council before final approval.

“We want council to have a chance to review it and make recommendations if they wish before they go to the public,” Strachan told the Review.

The report says that if the variance permit is approved, the developer would then be expected to completed a development permit application for council review.

The application was made by Fred Beruschi, the part-owner of the Regent Hotel and the Best Western Plus. He declined to speak to the media until the application goes to council on Tuesday.

“Fred wants to hear from council on the variance before he has all the plans prepared,” said Strachan. “There’s quite a bit of design work and architecture work that has to go into one of these buildings, and that costs a substantial amount of money. If council says no right now, he would have wasted that money on architectural drawings. He doesn’t want to do that.”

The development permit application would include more detailed drawings of the hotel plan.

You can read the staff report below.

First Street Wright Street Hotel by AlexCooperRTR