Revelstoke Secondary School will open its doors for the school year on Sep. 6. (Zachary Delaney)

Revelstoke Secondary School will open its doors for the school year on Sep. 6. (Zachary Delaney)

New school district superintendent in Revelstoke employs ‘student-first’ approach

Led by Roberta Kubik, the district will rely on preventative measures for COVID-19 to start year

With the school year starting Tuesday, Sep. 6, Revelstoke’s school district — District 19 — welcomes Roberta Kubik as its new superintendent.

Kubik comes to the district as schools return with the pandemic restrictions waning. New to the town, Kubik has several goals for the year, chief among which is getting to know the community, organizations, and staff that all work to support the students.

Kubik has eyed District 19 — and Revelstoke — for some time. She’s been interested in the region because the town seems to “emulate” the idea of community. Kubik also added that she loves winter, which she hopes will help with adapting to her new role.

Kubik is intrigued by the “Reggio Emilia” philosophy of teaching early education. The method is Italian and gets its name from the town where it originated. The core of the philosophy is for the community to play an active role in helping young students develop, which Kubik sees as a natural fit for Revelstoke.

When it comes to the upcoming challenges of the school year, Kubik said she prefers to treat them as “opportunities.” With her background in teaching, Kubik said her experience as a teacher constantly informs her decisions as a superintendent.

While her role often demands that she make decisions about hard issues like budgeting and maintaining physical elements of schools, Kubik employs a “student-first” approach so they benefit as much as possible from her decisions.

District 19’s COVID-19 measures mirror B.C.’s. Kubik said they will opt for “prudent preventative measures,” meaning there are no mandatory mask requirements, but students who are sick or feeling sick are urged to stay home. Hand hygiene and physical distance will be encouraged, too.

“We’re going into a fresh school year, and we’re, we’re all feeling a lot safer,” said Kubik.

Above all, Kubik said she is excited for the school year and looks forward to getting out into the community, helping its students grow and learn.

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