New Syrian refugee family chosen for Revelstoke

New Syrian refugee family chosen for Revelstoke

The Alsowwans, a family of four, have been selected to come to Revelstoke

Revelstoke for Refugees has found a new Syrian family they are working to bring to the community, but delays in processing by the federal government mean it could take more than a year to bring them to Revelstoke.

Revelstoke for Refugees has chosen to support the Alsowwan family’s application to come to Canada.

The family consists of father Farhan, mother Amal, and two teenage sons, Mohammad and Hamza. According to the family’s profile, they lived in Homs, the third largest city in Syria, until it was bombed. The family fled to the village of Mheen, which was also bombed. They found a new home in Nebk, near Damascus, but that house also came under attack by government forces.

Fortunately, they were outside during the attack and were able to flee to a refugee camp in Jordan, but not before they were detained for three days while enroute.

Farhan, the father, is 45, and says he has spent 18 years working in a bakery and 10 as a small transport truck driver.

Revelstoke for Refugees says they have also learned the mother can do beaded embroidery and would also love working with children. Both parents are capable gardeners.

Revelstoke for Refugees was required to sponsor a new family after the previous one withdrew their application to come to Canada earlier this year.

“After we made our choice, we learned further information that the support workers highly recommended this family for resettlement as they are willing and eager to make a new life in Canada,” wrote Revelstoke for Refugees in a post on Facebok.

They said they opted for a smaller family due to concerns about supporting a larger one given Revelstoke’s high cost of living.

Revelstoke for Refugees has been working for almost two years to sponsor a Syrian refugee family for Revelstoke.