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No need to worry about a waterlogged boat on the shores of Peachland

The owner of the boat is working on a plan to remove it as soon as possible
(Stuart Mennie/ Submitted)

An unoccupied boat on the shores of Okanagan Lake in Peachland caused concern after what appeared to be a search of the area took place on May 29, but the local fire department has ensured that everyone is safe and sound.

Shawn Grundy, director of operations with the District of Peachland, spoke with the chief of the volunteer fire department about the mysterious boat that caused a commotion on Monday.

Grundy said that least one man had been out boating when the boat began to take on water and had a malfunction. The occupants of the boat then paddled to shore and beached the boat so that it would not float away.

The fire department assessed the area and put out “absorption booms” which would soak up any leaking oil or gasoline.

Grundy said that there is no environmental concern at this time.

The boat remains on the shore while the owner works to devise a plan to move the waterlogged vessel.


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