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No Parking: Pickup truck submerged in Columbia River draws attention in Revelstoke

Revelstoke RCMP responded to reports of the truck on Sunday (May 14)
The truck submerged in the Columbia River, with the Revelstoke Suspension Bridge in the background. (Photo by Kent Bernadet)

An unfortunate parking job drew the eyes of the Revelstoke community on May 14 as a pickup truck was caught in the rising waters of the Columbia River near the Revelstoke Suspension Bridge.

The owner of the pickup truck, a man from Ontario according to the Revelstoke RCMP, parked on a portion of land adjacent to the Columbia River on Sunday (May 14) and left, only to return to their truck submerged in the waters of the river.

“It’s just one of those yearly calls we get where somebody parks down on the shore there and by the bridge and don’t heed the signs of ‘not to drive’ down there,” said Sgt. Chris Dodds of the Revelstoke RCMP.

Dodds added that when the floodgates opened at the Revelstoke Dam, the water level rose, the vehicle was caught and the wheels were completely submerged.

The RCMP then contacted a towing company to remove the vehicle, but before they could even arrive, the owners of the truck received help from elsewhere and it was pulled out of the water.

The land that the truck was caught submerged on belongs to BC Hydro. Dodds added that the owners of the truck were not charged for the incident.

The pickup-turned-watercraft immediately caught the attention of locals and sparked a string of comments under various posts on the Revelstoke Community Facebook page.

“When is the City going to start ticketing people who park in no parking zones?!” said one commenter.

“Apple maps for the win!” said another.

“You all are wrong,” posited a third. “That’s the all new electric boat anchor. By Chevrolet.”

Dodds said that this same situation occurs on a yearly basis, and added that it’s ‘not a greeat place to park’.

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