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North Shuswap police vehicle rammed as officers attempt to contain suspect

Man arrested, charged after Chase RCMP pursue him up forest service road

A vehicle driven by a Chase RCMP officer was rammed after police attempted to stop a suspect.

Chase RCMP stated that on Thursday, April 16, officers received a report that a man had stolen a sign from a property on Warren Road in Pritchard and the suspect’s vehicle had broken down by the side of the road.

While enroute, police received a second report that the suspect had entered another vehicle. It was travelling on the Kamloops Shuswap Road heading toward Chase and was being followed by witnesses.

The witnesses were able to identify the driver as a Pritchard resident. Sgt. Barry Kennedy reports he was known to police as he was subject to court conditions and was in violation of a release order.

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Several officers from Chase responded in order to contain the vehicle. Police were able to locate it and attempted to stop it. However, the driver rammed it into one of the police cars and then fled west on Kamloops Shuswap Road, Kennedy stated.

The vehicle turned onto McGillivray Lake Forest Service Road, which eventually became blocked with snow. The suspect fled on foot. Police were able to track, locate, arrest and hold him in custody for court.

The man was subsequently charged with possession of stolen property, failing to stop for police, failing to stop at an accident, assault with a weapon and failing to comply with conditions of his release order.


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