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PODCAST: Build Smartr; Building with Steel

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Learning that one third of all landfills is a result of waste from building and renovating our homes, Mike and Jennifer-Lee sit down with Harv Sidhu of Build Smartr to explore the benefits of building with steel, including the option for adding space in the backyard with Build a Box.

‘We have to create a circular economy for construction. We’re able to source 99% recycled steel. It’s the most recycled material in the world by weight, so it seems like an obvious starting point for building material,’ says Sidhu.

Offering alternative building solutions using recycled steel, with the bonus of the plug and play outdoor one-room solution for additional space, this episode explores options to build more resilient homes with a lighter impact on the environment.

‘During the end of the life cycle of a house, all the material can be recycled again and again. Steel is infinitely recyclable, which is kind of a key for a sustainability perspective. Moreover, a house built out of steel just lasts longer, … which brings down the cost. And also from a sustainability perspective, it is much better for the environment, ‘ Sidhu tells Mike and Jennifer-Lee.

‘A house built out of steel is also non-combustible. So, with global warming and the environment kind of changing here, we’re having more forest fires and more flooding issues. Steel buildings just perform better in both of those environments. So, it’s a non-combustible building. It can also it’s hydrophobic, so it won’t absorb any water.’

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