Parks Canada fire crew and Purcell Lodge guests, Aug 3, 2023. (Parks Canada)

Parks Canada fire crew and Purcell Lodge guests, Aug 3, 2023. (Parks Canada)

Precipitation near Revelstoke helped reduce Uto Wildfire: Parks Canada

The rain allowed Parks Canada to rescind the fire ban in Glacier National Park

The Hiren Creek wildfire near Revelstoke continues to burn out of control, but the recent precipitation helped reduce the Uto wildfire burning in Glacier National Park to a smouldering ground fire.

Earlier this week, Revelstoke and the surrounding area welcomed two days of intermittent rain, which helped alleviate some of the ongoing battle with the wildfires nearby. With more than 360 wildfires burning across BC, the Southeast Fire Centre has had its number of fires reduced recently due, in part, to the recent precipitation. Some of the benefits from the rain hit close to home for the Uto and Hiren Creek wildfires.

The Hiren Creek wildfire, located roughly 20 km from Revelstoke, was updated yesterday (Aug. 24) by the Southeast Fire Centre and remains at 1,240 ha in size. The centre listed the response to the fire as ‘monitoring’, as opposed to last week when the response was listed as ‘modified’.

The wildfire will continue to be monitored, limiting any suppression efforts from BC Wildfire Services, while allowing the ecological benefits of the burn to be maximized while ensuring no risk to infrastructure.

East of Revelstoke, Parks Canada have updated the Uto Wildfire, which is currently 1,998 ha in size in the Beaver and Copperstain valleys. Parks Canada said that the recent rain in Revelstoke and the surrounding area helped to reduce the Uto fire to a ‘smouldering ground fire’.

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Unfortunately, as locals know, with the rain earlier this week came lightning, igniting four new fires in Mount Revelstoke National Park. The fires are located in the backcountry of the park where the terrain is steep, making it difficult for crews to access for ground suppression efforts. On of the fires is located above Highway 23 North, with three others roughly 2 km from Eva and Miller Lake trails.

Parks Canada said the precipitation forecasted for early next week means that the fires are ‘currently no concern’.

The rain also allowed Parks Canada to remove its fire ban in Glacier National Park. Fires must be limited to metal fire rings provided by Parks Canada.

The fire ban is still in place for Mount Revelstoke National Park, prohibiting any type of fire or smoking in the National Park.

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