The 20,000 square foot facility in Princeton will house research and production of ‘magic mushrooms.’ Photo Optimi Health

The 20,000 square foot facility in Princeton will house research and production of ‘magic mushrooms.’ Photo Optimi Health

Princeton ‘magic mushroom’ facility holds open house

Community invited for free BBQ and tour

A new “magic mushroom” facility in Princeton is opening its doors to locals as the psycolibin industry starts to take shape all across British Columbia.

The grand opening event on Friday, May 27, is set to begin at about 10:45 a.m. and include a free barbecue and tour of the operation.

Optimi Health is Canada’s largest producer of natural, GMP-certified psilocybin and functional mushrooms, and is celebrating the start up of its 20,000-square-foot operation in the town’s industrial park.

Bryan Safarik of Vancouver is one of Optimi Health’s founders. He and other partners also started BC Green Pharmaceuticals, which operates two other plants in Princeton that produce medical-grade cannabis.

“Between research into already-existing compounds such as LSD and psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and the race to develop new drugs, important steps toward access for patients suffering from depression and end-of-life distress as a result of terminal diagnoses are already being taken here in Canada, many right in our own backyard here in British Columbia,” explained Safarik.

North American researchers are starting to focus on peer-reviewed studies to determin how mushrooms can treat anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders.

Safarik described the possibilities for psilocybin as “tantalizing” but cautioned more research needs to be done before its use is approved.

“Psilocybin shows potential, but to back up these early results with enough evidence to ensure that health regulators are willing to utilize this life changing, natural medicine, there will need to be more data.”

Noting the promise of new jobs for Princeton, Safarik said he hopes locals turns out of the open house.

“From these simple mushrooms can come big things. We’d be honoured if you would join us to be part of them, together, from day one,” said Safarik.

“The entire community of Princeton has played a role in getting Optimi to where it is today, and with that support it’s now our turn to say thank you. So please join us on May 27 as we open Optimi and Princeton to the world.”