Revelstoke wayfinding plan signs were approved at a Feb. 11, 2020 council meeting. (Submitted)

Revelstoke wayfinding plan signs were approved at a Feb. 11, 2020 council meeting. (Submitted)

UPDATE: Revelstoke City Council approves potentially million dollar signage project

Phase 1 of the project will be $550,000

Revelstoke City Council approved a project that will see signage replaced and new signs installed over the next six years.

Implementation of the strategy is proposed in six phases, with Phase 1 to be completed over the next two years, costing around $550,000 for engineering, project management and installation costs and funded from Resort Municipality Initiative money. The phases will each be approved separately, with the total cost predicted to be around $3.2 million.

Councillor Nicole Cherlet expressed excitement at the project. With Councillor Rob Elliott commenting on how a shared identity brings the community together and gives them something to rally behind.

However, Councillor Jackie Rhind, was aghast at the final price tag, though she did say she was supportive of the project.

“At $3.8 million it feels like the signs should be made out of gold or something,” she said with a laugh.

The signs were designed with input from the community as well as other stakeholders. (Submitted)

Andrew Thompstone, of Cygnus Design Group, the contractor for the project, was at the Feb. 11 council meeting to present the strategy to council.

“Overall our goal is to really pull together a very cohesive approach for signage and wayfinding throughout the city of Revelstoke,” he said.

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Cygnus started working on the project in May 2019, starting with an inventory and analysis of the signage in the city as well as identifying opportunities.

Part of the project was community consultation, which identified things such as signage clutter, visibility challenges and contrast challenges as things to consider.

Using that community feedback Cygnus put together some designs, which were then presented to the community as options. From there, the proposals were tweaked into final designs.

“We feel there is quite a nice tie in here with all the parts and pieces that are Revelstoke,” Thompstone said.

Cygnus also prepared a wayfinding manual which includes graphic standards, a description of the look, feel and colour of the signage as well as other things to aid the city in implementing the project cohesively.

The first phase focuses on high impact pieces, including replacing the welcome sign with an illuminated sign that says “Revelstoke”, putting new signage at the 4th St. roundabout and installing social engagement signage.

Ingrid Brohn, director of economic development for the city, said the plan is about 80 per cent replacing old signs and 20 per cent installing new ones.

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Councillors expressed worry at beginning a project with no guaranteed funding to complete it. However, Brohn and Thompstone said the plan is meant to be adaptable.

*Correciton notice: This story was originally published online saying that the project is a $3.8 million project. Though that was the number that Andrew Thompstone quoted in the presentation at the city council meeting on Feb. 11, 2020, as well as the number that city councillors discussed, it is inaccurate. If all phases of the project are completed it will potentially cost $3.2 million. Each phase will be approved separatley and council approved Phase 1 to be funded with Resort Municipality Initiative funds, with is not municiple tax dollars.



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