(55+ BC Games)

(55+ BC Games)

Revelstoke couple takes home pair of medals at 55+ BC Games

The result qualified the couple for the 55+ Canada Games in Quebec next summer

Heather and Robert Sirianni returned to Revelstoke on Sunday with a pair of silver medals from Chilliwack, where they competed in the golf tournament at the 55+ BC Games.

The pair are no strangers to the 55+ BC Games, having competed in the annual games for about a decade. Last year, Heather took home gold for Revelstoke after a strong showing at last year’s games in Kamloops, and Robert reported having won the tournament in years prior. Both Robert and Heather spoke about how their tournaments went, and what it means for them both going forward.

“It was a very difficult, picturesque day, actually,” said Robert.

For Robert, the second-place finish was unexpected.

“I didn’t think I had any chance whatsoever,” said Robert, adding “I guess everybody else was worse the second half than I did.”

Heather’s final game was the opposite of Robert’s. After a tough front nine holes that left Heather with an uphill battle, she was still able to bounce back.

(55+ BC Games)

(55+ BC Games)

“I had a really bad front. But the back nine was amazing,” said Heather.

Despite the shaky start, Heather’s performance on the back nine brought her to a tie for first, forcing a count back to break the tie. The count back means that the officials go backwards through the scores of each player on each hole to see which player did better until the tie is broken. Unluckily for Heather, her opponent won the count back and with it won first place.

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“It was disappointing, but I’m okay with that,” said Heather.

Robert echoed Heather’s sentiments.

“It’s all about getting out, meeting people and seeing new areas of the province,” said Robert.

Whether it’s golf, cribbage, darts or another event, Robert said he recommends anyone who’s interested to give the games a try.

Heather and Robert spoke highly of the Revelstoke Golf course, and its ability to prepare golfers for other courses.

“There’s more to it than meets the eye for sure. Big trees and small fairways — it does do a good job for your psyche,” said Robert.

Heather also credited the lessons she received from SJ McNichol, a new teaching pro at the Revelstoke Golf Club, for ‘changing her game this year’ and contributing to her success.

The results for both of the Siriannis meant that they qualified for next year’s 55+ Canada Games in Quebec.

Next year’s 55+ BC Games will be closer to home for the Siriannis, as they will be held in Salmon Arm.

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