Kate and her husband Gary.

Kate and her husband Gary.

Revelstoke grandmother seeks help for family in critical condition due to COVID

A 30-year-old mother of two is in hospital in critical condition

A Revelstoke woman is looking to the community to help her daughter-in-law who is in hospital struggling with COVID-19.

The Kamloops-based family contracted COVID after their 12-year-old son returned home from a play date.

Leah Duthie said her 30-year-old daughter-in-law is in critical condition “fighting for her life” and has to use a ventilator to breathe.

She is unable to speak, her blood saturation is at critical levels and doctors are battling to provide enough oxygen.

However, the woman’s husband and oldest son are currently suffering flu-like symptoms while, her nine-year-old son is struggling significantly, finding it difficult to breathe.

Kate’s youngest son Noah.

Kate’s youngest son Noah.

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“This little family has already been through so, so much this summer,” said Duthie. “Just a couple weeks before this they were in an accident while on holidays for a week camping in Kimberly.”

Duthie, who regularly fosters children is now asking for help herself, she set up a Facebook fundraiser asking for donations, with a minimum goal of $7,856.

“With all of this going on, neither of them are able to work. Finances are getting scary. Bills are piling up and no money is coming in. If you can help in any way, anything helps. Sharing this helps,” Duthie wrote online.

People who wish to donate can do so via email etransfer to duthies@telus.net or via the Facebook donation.

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