The Revelstoke waste disposal station on Westside Road. (Review file photo)

The Revelstoke waste disposal station on Westside Road. (Review file photo)

Revelstoke Landfill to halt septic waste disposal in 2025

The landfill was found out for contributing to elevated fecal coliforms in groundwater

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) announced that it will be shutting down septic waste disposal at the Revelstoke Landfill by 2025 due to its contribution to elevated fecal coliforms in monitored groundwater.

For those in the CSRD with septic tanks, the Revelstoke Landfill will stop accepting septic waste at the facility on Jan. 1, 2025. Residents will have up until Dec. 31, 2024, to use the facility, but the new year will bring an end to the septic sewage disposal in Revelstoke.

In 2021, the Ministry of Environment conducted a standard review of the CSRD’s operational certificate — a document that lays out the rules the landfill must follow. After the review, the CSRD were informed by the ministry that the service would be shut down.

Ben Van Nostrand, the team leader of environmental services at the CSRD, spoke about the change in a press release from the CSRD.

“We understand that closing the Septage Infiltration Ponds will result in challenges for both industry providing the service and homeowners who depend on the service. However, the Ministry has made the decision to discontinue the operation of the septage infiltration ponds and we understand and respect that decision,” said Van Nostrand.

The CSRD were found to be out of compliance in maintaining the health of the groundwater in the region. The septic ponds were contributing to elevated fecal coliforms, which are a bacteria found in warm-blooded animal excrement.

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Currently, the CSRD doesn’t have plans –in the short or long term– to create another septic waste disposal facility in the area.

The Ministry of Environment said other septic waste management facilities could become available through the CSRD, the City of Revelstoke, or private operators, as long as the proposal complies with the Environmental Management Act.

The CSRD offered its support to the City of Revelstoke as it works with the ministry to develop a Liquid Waste Management plan that includes septic waste.

Those with further questions about the discontinuation of the service, and whether it will affect them, were invited to contact the Ministry of Environment by emailing

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