A sani-dump is still approved for 1625 Powerhouse Road. (Pixabay)

A sani-dump is still approved for 1625 Powerhouse Road. (Pixabay)

Sani-dump remains approved for Powerhouse Road

Was brought back to council by the mayor

The sani-dump project on Powerhouse Road will continue after being brought back to council by Mayor Mark McKee at a regular council meeting on Jan. 23.

Council had previously approved the location of the sani-dump at 1625 Powerhouse at a regular council meeting on Jan. 9.

McKee said he was exercising his right as mayor to bring the issue back onto the council’s agenda. The location had previously passed with a 3-2 vote, which McKee said he didn’t feel was enough of an indication one way or another.

“I have to say I was always concerned about the location at the end of Powerhouse Road,” said McKee.

He said since council’s approval of the location of the sani-dump at 1625 Powerhouse Road, he’s been hearing stories from people about illegal sewage dumping.

“I’m concerned that we’re not going to be solving as many problems as we should be,” said McKee.

Councillor Gary Sulz said that he previously voted against the location on Powerhouse Road because he thought there was an opportunity to work out a public/private partnership with someone to have the sani-dump closer to the Trans-Canada Highway.

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“Those who are travelling may not seek to find the spot (on Powerhouse Road) and either dump it elsewhere, or if it were me, I’d just carry on to the next town and not even stop,” he said.

Councillor Scott Duke said he voted in favour of the Powerhouse Road location to get a sani-dump in place sooner.

“Staff did a pretty exhaustive amount of research on where this can go,” he said.

Councillors expressed concern that if the decision wasn’t approved, there may not be a city-operated sani-dump in place for this season.

Councillor Connie Brothers inquired about a location near the cemetery, but City of Revelstoke CEO Allan Chabot pointed out that the lands there are reserved for the cemetery’s future needs.

In the re-vote, the location passed once again with councillors Linda Nixon, Brothers, Duke and Mayor McKee voting in favour and councillors Aaron Orlando and Sulz voting against.

Councillor Trevor English was absent from the meeting.



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