A blazing sunset cuts through the thick smoke in Revelstoke. (Roland Lamarre/Facebook)

A blazing sunset cuts through the thick smoke in Revelstoke. (Roland Lamarre/Facebook)

Smoke from nearby wildfires causes smoke in Revelstoke

The smoke is expected to stay until Friday, continue over the weekend

Although there are more than 60 wildfires burning in the Southeast Fire Centre, the thick smoke in Revelstoke appears to be largely due to the fires west of the city.

As Revelstokians walk through the streets battling the hazy smoke that has engulfed the city, some may have opted to stay inside while others broke out their masks from the pandemic and carried on. Regardless of how people decided to tackle the issue of air quality, the murk of smoke evoked a feeling of science fiction with an imagery that looked like a different planet. Like the foes of great science fiction, the air quality in Revelstoke is approaching a level of concern.

The smoke in the air has put Revelstoke on a list of communities highlighted in the BC Government’s Smoky Skies Bulletin, which pinpoints areas that are expected to be impacted by wildfire smoke.

With the Hiren Creek wildfire less than 20 km from the city, and two large fires west of Revelstoke near Sun Peaks, there are plenty of sources for the smoke around. While it is tough to limit the smoke in the city to one source or another, the BC Wildfire Smoke forecast shows that a significant portion of the smoke in town is coming from west of here.

The smoke in town is reaching its peak, according to the smoke forecast and the Smoke Bulletin. Over the next 24 hours, the smoke is expected to increase in the evening before it is forecasted to subside tomorrow (Aug. 18) evening.

Residents should be aware of their symptoms and reduce activity if breathing becomes uncomfortable. Residents who have respiratory problems may be impacted more by the smoke and should carry any emergency medications with them. All residents should monitor their activity levels and drink plenty of fluids.

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