City of Revelstoke’s latest water restrictions. (City of Revelstoke)

City of Revelstoke’s latest water restrictions. (City of Revelstoke)

Stage 2 water restrictions in Revelstoke

The restrictions prohibit filling pools/hot tubs and watering lawns

The City of Revelstoke announced that it will be implementing ‘Stage 2’ watering restrictions for the city to conserve water during the drought.

Revelstoke –like many other areas in BC– is experiencing a drought, as is evidenced by the rampant wildfires in the region. The dry and hot weather and minimal precipitation have caused the Revelstoke district to be classified by the Provincial Government as ‘Drought Level 4’, which means that ‘adverse effects are likely’. The drought is part of the reasoning for the restrictions, but water consumption in Revelstoke is also an issue.

The restrictions went into effect Friday (Aug. 4) and come with new additions to the preexisting water restrictions.

Watering lawns in Revelstoke is now prohibited, so is filling and/or topping up pools or hot tubs. The only watering allowed by the city will be hand watering, soaker hoses, and drip irrigation.

City of Revelstoke’s water usage over the summer. (City of Revelstoke)

City of Revelstoke’s water usage over the summer. (City of Revelstoke)

While the amount of water available has decreased due to the drought, the City of Revelstoke said resident water consumption is near a record high. The City of Revelstoke said the water treatment plant is at capacity, forcing the City to enact measures to ensure there’s enough water for the residents to drink and for fire protection.

The City provided a brochure from 2019 about ways the community can reduce its water usage.

Unfortunately, the drought conditions aren’t forecasted to change for some time. The first sign of precipitation isn’t until early next week, if it comes at all.

Failure to abide by water restriction measures could result in a fine from the City of Revelstoke. For more information about the drought and the city’s water restrictions, visit the City of Revelstoke website.

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