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Summerland housing bylaw changes to conform to Bill 44

Public input was gathered earlier as changes were developed

The municipality of Summerland has adopted zoning bylaw updates to conform with the province’s Bill 44.

The housing statutes bill was passed in the B.C. Legislature in the fall of 2023.

Municipalities are required to conform by June 30.

The municipality’s update involved a technical review of the housing legislation and drafting of three proposed new Residential Urban — RU zones.

The proposed bylaw amendments were presented to the public for feedback through online submissions and in-person public open houses, committee review and council review. The changes were adopted at the June 11 council meeting.

The three new zones are designed to conform to required legislation to allow for a maximum of four residential units on all existing single-family residential and duplex zoned lots with access to full servicing such as water and sewer.

The 2024 zoning bylaw update also included other changes to improve the effectiveness and interpretation of the bylaw.

These include tweaks to the short-term rental definition and specific use regulations, review and changes to Section 6.0 Parking and Loading and administrative amendments to help with bylaw enforcement, interpretation clarity, and to reduce the number of requested variances being submitted to the municipality.

The new zoning bylaw is online at

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