Over the last seven years, schools in Revelstoke have added 217 laptops available to students and teachers. (Pixabay)

Over the last seven years, schools in Revelstoke have added 217 laptops available to students and teachers. (Pixabay)

The digital generation: The evolution of technology in Revelstoke schools

School district technology plan outlines evolution of technology in schools from 2014 to 2021

Since the implementation of the initial School District 19 technology plan in 2014, technology at Revelstoke schools has drastically changed.

As outlined in the plan for 2021, Revelstoke schools are evolving alongside advances in technology, as wireless devices move from ‘good to have’ to ‘need to have’.

In the last seven years, desktop computers have been replaced by laptops and iPads, stationary computer labs have been replaced by mobile, cart-based labs and in-school technology has been made available from home through the cloud.

In 2014, Revelstoke schools had just 15 laptops available. Now, in 2021, they have access to 232. Also in that time, the number of iPads in Revelstoke schools has rocketed from only 11 to 233 devices.

Schools have added an additional 27 projectors and 57 Apple TV devices, as the way teachers present ideas to students changes.

With the addition of devices, the district has also doubles the number of wireless access points to account for the increase in usage, from 24 units to 52.

Overall, the number of total units, including everything from laptops to printers, has gone from 401 to 944.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the school district made 90 desktop iMac desktop computers available to students who didn’t have access to technology for home learning.

The district’s technology plan also highlighted the importance of using technology to support the learning of not only the students, but also the teachers, as connecting to the world through technology is more important now than ever.

“Tools for technological literacy are essential,” said school district superintendent Mike Hooker, in the latest board meeting.

Students are offered equal opportunity to explore scientific and artistic avenues with the available technology, with an emphasis on the importance of both.

The district has outlined its ‘evergreening priority timeline’, highlighting the projects they have planned over the next 60 months to update the technology they have available. However, the school board emphasized the ability to change the timeline as technology changes over that time frame.

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