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This Penticton intersection once again the city’s most dangerous: ICBC

Four of the five riskiest intersections in Penticton involve the Channel Parkway
Fairview Road and Green Mountain Road in Penticton on the Channel Parkway. (Google Street View)

For the fourth year in a row, Penticton’s Channel Parkway connecting Fairview Road and Green Mountain Road has been deemed the city’s most dangerous intersection.

According to ICBC’s newest statistics, a total of 42 crashes occurred at the site in 2022, that’s double the 21 crashes that took place in 2021.

The insurance company has labeled the intersection as Penticton’s riskiest every year since 2019.

With a total of 23 crashes in 2022, the intersection of Main Street and Warren Avenue East/West ranked second on ICBC’s list.

This trio of intersections rounded out Penticton’s top five for 2022, according to ICBC:

• Channel Parkway and Warren Avenue West (19 crashes)

• Channel Parkway and Duncan Avenue West (13 crashes)

• Channel Parkway, Green Avenue West and Satikw Drive (13 crashes)

The Okanagan’s most collision-prone intersection from 2022 was Harvey Avenue and Dilworth Drive (115 crashes) in Kelowna, according to the statistics.

Kelowna’s ten most dangerous intersections all featured more crashes last year than Penticton’s Channel Parkway intersection with Fairview Road and Green Mountain Road.

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