Three arrested after truck stolen in Revelstoke found in Salmon Arm

Ford 150 was stolen from home in Revelstoke, but vehicle was found and suspects arrested in Salmon Arm.

Three people were arrested in connection with a vehicle theft on Tuesday.

Three people were arrested in connection with a vehicle theft on Tuesday.

Rob Lamont is breathing a sigh of relief after his truck was recovered in Salmon Arm this morning after being stolen from his home in Revelstoke late last night.

Lamont was up late Monday night doing some work on his computer when he noticed a truck drive slowly by past his home on Illecillewaet Road.

He saw the vehicle stop and for a while outside his home. “It sat it front of my house with the lights out, but the brake light would come on once in a while,” he said.

He watched as a second truck pulled up and some people got out. He could make out their legs in the headlights.

“They opened up the truck door and I said, ‘That’s my truck!'”

The people fled in his black Ford F150, heading out of town and west down the Trans-Canada Highway. “They left the other truck sitting there,” Lamont said.

Lamont called the RCMP, who showed up to ask questions. He said they told him not to be too hopeful.

Good fortune was on Lamont’s side. He said the Sicamous RCMP spotted the truck speeding through their community and then the pursuit was picked up in Salmon Arm, where the thieves pulled into a 7-Eleven.

RCMP boxed them and arrested the suspects.

Staff-Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky of the Revelstoke RCMP confirmed three people were arrested, and that a second stolen vehicle was recovered. He said police were still sorting through the file and would be providing more information shortly.

Lamont will be heading to Salmon Arm today to retrieve his truck. He admitted to leaving his vehicle unlocked with the keys inside — something you used to be able to get away with in town but is now a source of great frustration to RCMP, who have to respond to the thefts.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Revelstoke RCMP at 250-837-5255 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.