Poached cow moose

Poached cow moose

UPDATE: Hunters caught beside poached moose

Officers attended the scene and located both the moose and the suspects involved.


The Vernon Conservation Office confirms two hunters are facing a variety of charges after illegally killing a cow moose on Thursday.

Officer Tanner Beck says they were called to THE scene at 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon after a witness saw the two hunters in action between Salmon Arm and Enderby.

When officers arrived the hunters were still on site and were cooperative with the officers.

“They were aware a report had been made and were expecting us,” says Beck.

Beck says the poached moose, two guns, and several items used in the offence were seized from the hunters for the investigation. The suspects were allowed to keep their vehicle.

He says the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been laid yet.

“There is a variety of different charges they face,” says Beck. “There is no hunting season on at the moment, so hunting wildlife not within an open season is the main charge.”

Beck says hunting season for moose has been closed for sometime now to ensure the safety of the species. Given mating season is over, the hunters took a risk of killing a pregnant female moose when they shot this cow.

“Anything outside of hunting season is certainly unlawful,” says Beck.

“Seasons are set for a variety of reasons, to manage populations and to monitor mating seasons.”


Two hunters are under investigation for illegally killing a moose near Salmon Arm this week.

Vernon Conservation Officers received a report on Thursday of a poached adult female (cow) moose in the Salmon Arm area.

Officers attended the scene and located both the moose and the suspects involved.

Officers report the body of the moose was seized along with two firearms and other items used in the commission of the offence.

The investigation is still ongoing