The derailment involved 17 cars out an 89 car train.

The derailment involved 17 cars out an 89 car train.

UPDATE with video: Train derails near Albert Canyon

A cargo train has derailed about 20 kilometres east of Revelstoke.

A freight train derailed Tuesday afternoon between Albert Canyon and Mount Revelstoke National Park.

CP Rail spokesperson Kevin Hrysak said a westbound freight train derailed at around 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday, June 21. It came off the tracks about 25 kilometres east of Revelstoke.

Hrysak said 17 cars derailed in the incident.

Several cars were flipped on their side as a result of the derailment. Others were thrust into the air and one was hanging down the bank towards the Illecillewaet River.

Hrysak said there were no injuries or environmental damage related to the crash.

The crash scene was visible from the Trans-Canada Highway. Ministry of Transport personnel blocked off a pull out that provided unobstructed views of the derailment and were not letting people stop when the Times Review arrived on scene. A Ministry of Transport employee said they were asked by CP Rail to not let people stop there.

Hrysak said the cars that were derailed were either empty or hauling wood products.

He said there was no cause attributable to the incident. Cleanup started later in the evening after an investigation. The line re-opened later in the week.