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VIDEO: Home-security footage catches man stealing truck in Penticton

Police say the Ford F-350 was recovered in rural Penticton on Wednesday morning, Nov. 16

Penticton RCMP are investigating after a man was caught on camera breaking into a Ford F-350 and driving away in the middle of the night on Nov. 14.

Security footage from a nearby home shows the individual exiting a black pickup truck driven moments before the alleged break-in takes place at 3:30 a.m.

A resident shared the video via Facebook on Tuesday, Nov. 13, adding that though he isn’t the owner of the stolen vehicle, it’s his understanding that someone else in the neighbourhood drives it for work purposes.

The black truck could be seen pulling out of a parking spot and then following the stolen vehicle at the end of the video.

Sgt. Bob Vatamaniuck from the RCMP told Black Press on Wednesday that the white Ford was recovered in rural Penticton early on Nov. 16.

It took the man who broke into the truck nearly three minutes to drive off. Black Press has edited the footage to condense the more than five-minute incident.

RCMP said Wednesday they are continuing its investigation.

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