Notice of Proposed Telecommunications Facility or Tower Logo

February 16, 2023

Notice of Proposed Rogers Communication Inc. Telecommunications Facilities

Description: As part of the public consultation process required by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), formerly Industry Canada, Rogers Communication Inc. is inviting the public to comment on two (2) proposed telecommunications facilities on Canadian Pacific Railway lands in Glacier National Park along Highway 1. This proposal consists of a 51m self-support tower (W3069) and a 41m self-support tower (W2989), each with a fenced equipment compound at the base. These towers are proposed to provide dependable wireless data and voice communication services to the Highway. The proposed tower construction details are subject to review by the land use authority (Parks Canada).

Location: Glacier National Park (W3069 – PID: 017-371-414) (W2989 – PID: 017-371-023)

Coordinates: (W3069 – N 51.267438, W 117.515937) (W2989 – 51.36207, -117.44577)

Location Map

Map Telus 1

For More Information:

Contact Rogers Communications Inc. at:

Kristina Bell c/o

Cypress Land Services

Agents to Rogers Communications Inc.

Suite 1051, 409 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC V6C 1T2

Tel: 604.620.0877


The public is welcome to comment on the proposal by the end of the business day on March 19th, 2023, with respect to this matter.

Rogers File: W3069 & W2989