A ball diamond full of thank you

Minor ball president continues thanks people for help in preserving ball fields

Dear editor,

Thank you so much to all individuals, business and ballplayers for the overwhelming support in this community on our petition letters in the past two weeks. We had collected a total number of 1,152 signatures. We appreciate you all speaking strongly through your signatures and opinions of pros and cons and your many concerns.

We will continue to make our stand clear. We are not against a bike/skate park. We want you to find a site not on our ball diamonds. Leave our ball fields as is.

Please be patient. There was a light on our discussions of the site planning last August 8, 2011. We will remain vigilant. We have generations to come and will ask if something was done. We will do our best. We will stand on what we uphold for, because the Almighty God will not let us down.

Let’s keep our ball tradition alive!

Save our ball diamonds.

Have a great summer. Thank you for your support.

Very sincerely,

Lina Brazal Sihlis

President, Revelstoke Minor Ball