Voters will go to the polls on Sept. 20. (Black Press file photo)

Voters will go to the polls on Sept. 20. (Black Press file photo)

EDITORIAL: Consider candidates as election approaches

Selecting one’s preferred candidate can be a challenge

With a federal election looming, campaign signs, advertisements, candidates speeches and other messaging will soon be common.

The various candidates on the ballot will each be asking for the opportunity to represent their ridings at the federal level, and the parties are presenting their visions for Canada.

This is an important role. The decisions made by the federal government will affect us now and in the years to come.

Casting a vote is seldom an easy process.

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The act of voting involves leaving a mark beside the name of one candidate on a ballot, but selecting that candidate can be a challenge.

While it is possible for one candidate or one party to stand out as much better than any other options, it is more likely to have to consider a series of compromises.

For example, a voter may want a specific local candidate, but not that party’s leadership.

A party’s platform may seem positive in one area but questionable in another.

This is why the campaign period is so important.

During the coming weeks, each candidate and each party will present the reasons they deserve support.

Consider the candidates, and whether you think each would be able to work effectively in Ottawa, for the good of your riding and for the good of the country.

Compare the party leaders. These people will set the tone and direction for their parties, and as a result, they have considerable influence over the tone of debate.

Study and compare their platforms to determine which vision best lines up with your own wishes.

Look at the record of the various parties, either in government, in the role of official opposition or in another role in federal politics.

Examine the campaign messages.

Are the parties and candidates promising what they will do, or are they taking issue with an opponent’s platform or personality?

All this takes time and effort. The voters’ decisions should not be made lightly or carelessly.

The present and the future direction of our country will be affected by the outcome of this election.

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