Mimi Kramer spent the last 4 months completing her work experience program with the Revelstoke Review. (Josh Piercey/Revelstoke Review)

Mimi Kramer spent the last 4 months completing her work experience program with the Revelstoke Review. (Josh Piercey/Revelstoke Review)

Goodbye Mimi: Work experience student completes time with the Review

Mimi Kramer joined the Review through the work experience program at Revelstoke Secondary School

Apparently, it’s been four months since I started my work experience at the Revelstoke Review.

It feels like I just started here a week ago. I have heard that time goes by faster when you’re having fun, but that cannot be the case – the fools here aren’t fun. At all.

Over these past four months, I surprisingly did learn something, in between the giggling that took place.

During my second week, Josh asked me to film a recap video with him. It only took me half an hour to remember one sentence.

I learned that in order to look cool on camera, possessing confidence is the key, a couple deep breaths and a few pep talks from Josh goes a long way.

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Editing the video was a different story, video editing is tedious, but when you’re an expert like Josh it can create something worth watching.

My favourite thing to experience was marketing. Producing original ideas and collaborating with businesses to create something new was satisfying and rewarding.

From Myles, I learnt the importance of personal connections and conversation, and how far being creative can bring you.

Writing an article can take a long time, and many synonym searches.

I have learned that to write something good you need the information. Interviewing someone is intimidating and asking the right questions is necessary.

Not only asking the right questions, but making sure you actually write down the answers is also a fairly good idea – I learned that the hard way.

On my first day Jocelyn told me: “As a journalist you see the world differently, everything you see or hear can become a story.” She was right.

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I have learned to be observant and look for current events throughout the community to give me new ideas.

So, what does it take to make a newspaper?

Well, first you need the hilarious 16-year-old girl to keep everyone in check and then you bring in the different departments. At the Revelstoke Review, everyone works together to come out with the final product. Of course, you have the reporter and the editor and then you have Myles who does…something.

Everyone’s ideas are integrated into the newspaper, the website and everything that you see and or read. Plus, the office is too small to not hear everyone else’s ideas anyway.

I never thought a newspaper was a collaborative team effort, but I’m glad that it is.

In my next steps, I have to answer this question: What do you see yourself doing in the years after graduation?

God I hate that question.

There is a lengthy list of things I would like to experience before making this decision, but with the knowledge I have now I can see myself working in media marketing, working for big companies to improve their brand and use innovative design to construct a more successful outcome.

Or maybe I’ll take up stand-up comedy or brain surgery.

Well, that’s all folks. I am so glad that I had this opportunity and was able to meet some pretty cool people in the process.

Peace out.


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