Growls and Hugs for April 22

Growls and Hugs for April 22

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Super big thanks to the Spring Community Choir for their kindness and thoughtfulness – looking forward to listening to everyone on April 28.

Closing day

Cheers to some good last turns and crazy outfits on closing day. Until next year!


Round of applause to the designers and models who participated in the Trashion Show this year. Always fun to see creative uses of garbage/recycling! And thanks to Birch and Lace for hosting such a lovely event.


Thanks friend for helping me with dog training, always listening and laughing and getting me out and about on our beautiful river flats. Revelstoke would be less fun without you!

Dog poo

Dear dog owners, please clean up after your dogs. If they poo in town, you should be picking it up. If they poo on a trail out of town, you should be picking it up. Thank you.

Green thumb

Thank you Grandma for this green thumb I clearly inherited from you. I only lost two of my indoor/tropical/sun loving plants this winter!