Growls and Hugs for Aug.1

Growls and Hugs for Aug.1

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Glacier Challenge

For 30 consecutive years, the Glacier Challenge was it!! Sadly no more. As the husband of Gail, the father of 3 team members, and the grandfather of several more from the Lumby Drillers, I am stuck with a bunch of people who don’t know where to go or what to do this August long weekend………..but…… “Thank You Revelstoke” for 30 fun years!!-Jim Summerfelt


Loving the hot weather, despite the fire ban. But the haze is crazy! I guess when there are wildfires all over the world it is to be expected.


Cheers to beaches and lake swimming! What a beautiful place we live in, and the heat is making the water less glacial.

Live music

Round of applause for the musicians rolling through town. Every time I go to Grizzly Plaza there is something different and wonderful happening on stage.


I get such a kick out of Rob Buchanan’s editorial cartoons. Thanks for keeping it light, and relevant all at the same time!


Rant to the heat, it melts my ice cream too fast.


The closure on Orton really messed up my route home. I had to drive a whole extra block to get around it.

Selkirk Graphics

Cheers to Tammy at Selkirk Graphics for the awesome service and quick turn around. My print job turned out amazingly! Awesome to have that service available in our little city.

Hot nights

Loving the heat during the day, but when night time rolls around I’m finding a cold shower before bed is the only way to fall asleep, even with the window wide open.

Street Fest folks

Big time props to everyone who has kept Street Fest running smoothly as we head into August! It’s no small feat to keep a music festival running nightly. Keep up the great work!

Biking beef

I can’t stand how drivers are so quick to complain about bikers not following the rules of the road, but then refuse to acknowledge bikers as vehicles when they are doing what they should. It’s confusing as a biker to come to a four way stop and not know whether the other cars are going to treat you like a pedestrian or a vehicle. Sharing the road is a two way street!


Hugs to Cory at the Grizzly Pub. Thank you for being so honest when I accidentally tipped you $40. Your service is always impeccable and to add honesty to that make you my number one barmaid.


Great big Growls to the people who keep leaving their pets in hot cars. Even with the windows partially down those guys get real hot. Just leave your pets at home where they are cool and comfortable.


Grouchy growls to the guy who can’t read signs properly on the Illecillewaet bridge. It says dismount and push across if you are using the walkway – not the car part. Cars can’t pass and it was a frustrating hold up.