Growls and Hugs for Aug. 15

Someone or something got your hackles up? Or maybe someone made you smile today and you want to give them a bear hug!

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I walked out of one of our fast food restaurants in town the other day. I stood in line for 10 minutes and it didn’t move at all. Slow service and not enough space to line up without getting in other peoples way means I am taking my business elsewhere.


Walked out of the bar at 9 p.m. the other night and it was dark. Winter is coming! Not sure if this is a hug or a growl…

Nova Scotiables

The band tore it up at the Regent as well as Street Fest this weekend! Thank you for the opportunity to turn into a sweaty dance monster and jig my worries away. Please come back again soon! And cheers to everyone else who was out on the dance floor, a mighty good time.


The smoke is rather annoying, as has been said here before, however what I find the most disconcerting is when I look out my window and the haze completely blocks my view of Mt. Revelstoke, Mt. Mackenzie and Mt. Begbie. It’s like we are on the Truman Show and the world just ends. Makes me think there is more than two meanings for the term “Revelstuck.”


Rant to puppies growing up too fast. Why can’t they stay in the “toddler” stage a little bit longer? They get to be annoying teenagers too quickly.


Summer goes by so fast and all of a sudden it is time to say goodbye to new friends. Don’t leave! Keep telling witty jokes in the office until I don’t want to work here anymore…


Why call people lazy or stupid? Can’t there be constructive dialogue without insults or accusations? What could have been polite feedback just makes everyone angry as soon as the name calling starts. Who benefits then? The business doesn’t learn their lesson because they are just angry and the complainer doesn’t get their problem addressed.