Growls and Hugs for Feb. 13

Growls and Hugs for Feb. 13

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Road trips

Cheers to good friends who tag along for road trips. Thanks for the company! The long drive felt shorter with you there.

Cold spell

Oldman winter can take a hike! What is up with this chill. What I want is more snow and some easy breezy cross country ski weather!


Hugs to my rad coworkers who have my back when I’m sick, or away on mini vacations. I don’t have to worry when I’m away. Also, thanks for making me laugh every day! Revelstoke wouldn’t be the same without you.


Rant to the grumpy people at shows who don’t dance, or get mad it they get jostled while dancing. The performers deserve to see us appreciating their music! Dance your heart out or not, don’t get made at me for enjoying the show.


Rant to the power being out for almost 12 hours on Saturday south of Revelstoke. That is a long time to go without heat in this cold weather!