Growls and Hugs for July 25

Growls and Hugs for July 25

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I want to thank Tom and staff at Grizzly Auto for saving my bacon when my air conditioner decided to quit working last week. They got my vehicle in for an inspection the day I called, had it diagnosed by days end and had it fixed the following day. Included with the warranty was a six month Napa 24/7 Roadside Assistance. How awesome is that? Thanks Grizzly for keeping me cool on these hot summer days.

Fire crews

Big thanks to fire crews throughout BC! While Revelstoke may not have gotten the bulk of last week’s fires, the selfless service all the crews provide should not go unnoticed. Thanks for keeping us all safe and comfortable in tough times!

Distracted drivers

Are people really so addicted to their screens they can’t keep their eyes off them for the short drives around town? The amount of times I’ve seen drivers blow through stop signs or have to slam on brakes last minute because they’re not paying attention is alarming! So frustrating to have to be double as alert because other drivers ignore the rules of the road.

Friendly dog owners

As a pet lover, nothing’s better than getting greeted by dogs while walking down Mackenzie Ave. That being said, not all pups are as friendly as they look. I appreciate owners who are quick to welcome or warn about their pooches temperament. Thanks for informing either way! Responsibility as a dog owner should not go under the radar.

Swimming hole patrons

I’m amazed at how respectful of the environment Revelstokians have been since I arrived a few months ago! During a weekend dip at Echo Lake, I was so impressed to see how groups of visitors picked up all their cans and garbage with extreme care. I’m happy to see Revelstokians are eager to keep their destinations tidy and beautiful for future visitors.

Mosquito madness

Seems like last week the mosquitoes ramped it into top-gear. Nothing ruins an evening in the yard like a cloud of buzzing bugs descending on the party. No fun when the alternative is smelling like “Off Deep Woods” for the rest of the night!

Camp companions

Great big hugs to my camping buddies. What a great weekend. Who knew you could boil eggs in a bag and they would taste so amazing. But then food always tastes better outside beside a campfire.

Puppy pal

Human hugs to my girl Eowyn for saving me from the evil little minions while camping. Those little people with sip cups looked real dangerous!