Growls and Hugs-July 18

Growls and Hugs-July 18

Growls and Hugs for July 18

Someone or something got your hackles up? Or maybe someone made you smile today and you want to give them a bear hug!

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I know it is inherently Canadian to be polite but, that same politeness can cause havoc in the roundabout. A number of times I have had cars who are already inside the roundabout stop to wave me in even though they have the right of way. Though I appreciate the kindness it kind of defeats the purpose of keeping the traffic flowing. So next time you are in the roundabout and see someone stopped and waiting to enter just say, “Sorry” like a good Canadian and continue on to your exit. Thank You…er, Sorry.

Bikes, Beers and Babes

Hugs to the ladies who lead the Bikes, Beers and Babes women’s group mountain bike ride each Tuesday. Rain or shine, it is so great to see all of the ladies out riding bikes, socializing and getting fit! See you next Tuesday…Bikes Up!

Sign Thief

Grumbly growls to the person who took the ‘Slow Down – kids playing’ sign from Praill Road. It was a gentle reminder for people to slow down on roads where there are no sidewalks. Most vehicles drive way too fast in our neighbourhood. The sign had been personalized with doggy paw prints too, so if anyone sees it, bring it back!!

Anniversary Gift

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to the person who paid for our dinner at Denny’s on Wednesday evening June 27th. It was a totally unexpected gift on our 50th Wedding Anniversary.

A kindness that will always be remembered.

Photo Lab Hero

Huge colourful hugs to Andrew at the Pharmasave Photo Lab for going far beyond his job to help me out with a passport photo. Your cherry helpful manner made my day and saved a lot of stress. Thanks again Andrew!!

Thrift Shop people rock

To the hard working volunteers at our wonderful thrift shop… Mega Hugs! The job you do is amazing and Revelstoke shoppers appreciate you all!