How are you feeling about the holiday season this year? I was having mixed feelings last year, this year is much the same. (Pixabay)

How are you feeling about the holiday season this year? I was having mixed feelings last year, this year is much the same. (Pixabay)

Jocelyn’s Jottings: ‘Merry’ doesn’t really describe this holiday season

Around this time last year I wrote about feeling guilty about not going home for Christmas.

This year will be the fourth in a row that I spend Dec. 25 elsewhere, for a reason beyond my control this time.

Next year, if, Mother Nature willing we are able to travel for the holidays, I will be there.

No question. And every year after that.

Among the many things I have learned through the pandemic (which will be the topic of my next column), is that I need to spend more time with my family.

I took for granted that I would always be able to go home for Christmas and now that I can’t, I realize how fragile that belief really was.

But it doesn’t do to dwell on the mortality of ourselves or our parents, especially when I have enough emotional turmoil to carry around.

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Actually, that sounds worse than it is. I’m mostly fine, happy even, there is just the odd bad day when the thought of spending Christmas alone, again bubbles to the surface.

I know many are feeling the same way.

Say ‘Merry Christmas’ right now and you will get mixed results. Many aren’t travelling for the holidays and many will be down and out because of that.

There’s not much I can say.

You’re feelings are valid.

If you are looking to have a festive Christmas at home and not sure how to make it happen here are some suggestions:

• cook your favourite food-ask for the family recipe

• video call with your family and friends, plays some games there are lots of digital options (JackboxTV, Houseparty, Scrabble Go)

• listen to your favourite music

• re-read your favourite books

• get outside! (hopefully we get some more snow)

• decorate your house

• get yourself a present, even if it’s something small like a box of your favourite tea, or a hot chocolate bomb

• send Christmas cards

• bake and decorate cookies

• do something nice for a stranger (scrape their windshield, shovel their snow, share your baking)

• donate to the Community Connection’s Christmas Program

• make home-made decorations and gifts

• sing carols

If you would rather skip the holiday all together, that is fine by me. Do what you need to do. You don’t have to watch Christmas movies or listen to carols or buy gifts.

But I encourage connection with friends and loved ones either way.

For you it may not be a celebratory season but the dark and cold will impact you either way.

For those who are in need this holiday season. I encourage you to inquire about the Community Connection’s Christmas programs by calling 250-837-2920.

You can also sign up for free dinner on Dec. 25 for either pickup or delivery through the Community Christmas Dinner. Find more information at or by calling Melissa at 250-200-0404 or Michelle at 250-814-4770. The deadline to order your Christmas meal is Dec. 18.



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