Leg hold traps a ‘torture device reminiscent of dark ages’

Leg hold traps for coyotes are cruel, says reader.

Re: ‘Dog owners beware: coyote traps set near saddle club’ from the July 27, 2011 issue of the Times Review.

Dear Editor, Times Review,

Of all the species of animals on this earth, humans have got to be the stupidest, most self-centered, cruel and controlling of all. We live in a natural paradise, yet we feel compelled to destroy anything that comes close to what we call our own. Only education and a healthy respect for wildlife can prevent unpleasant encounters, which means that yes, we are stupid.

There are pros and cons to everything but why not dwell on the pros and learn how to avoid the cons.  We share our secluded little farm with coyotes, bears, skunks, martins, deer and moose; not to mention eagles and a multitude of other birds and small animals.

Herons and wild ducks share the pond with our domestic ducks; our dogs were always taught not to chase wildlife; a strategically placed fence prevents eagles from swooping for our chickens; the barn and chicken house windows are bear-proofed; our swimming pool has always had a board propped so that muskrats and other animals don’t drown during the night; if a stray bat finds it’s way into the house it is always rescued by us. The stories are endless, the work is a labor of love and the rewards are the truest of blessings.

If all these “terrifying” animals are too much to bear, then why not relocate to a large city? There, one only has to worry about muggings and stabbings and shootings and gang wars and drugs.

Dogs and coyotes are both territorial and will fight over the same territory. It is a dog owner’s responsibility to keep their pet under control in order to ensure the safety of their pet. If one can keep their dogs away from the traps, why is it that they cannot keep them away from the wildlife?

As a point of interest, the Fur-Bearer Defenders (Vancouver) have seen more than one incident where a child was caught in one of those excruciating devices. Now think of the many cats which roam the area around the stables. How many of them will fall victim to human cruelty? Leg hold traps are not killers, they are a torture device reminiscent of the dark ages.  No matter how we look at it, we will not come out being the winners.

Ruth Kelly,

Animal Advocacy