The Sunnyside Trail was constructed earlier this year. (Liam Harrap/Revelstoke Review)

The Sunnyside Trail was constructed earlier this year. (Liam Harrap/Revelstoke Review)

LETTER: ‘In no way did we want a conflict’

Mt. Cartier resident responds to The War Over Sunnyside Trail article

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Dear Editor,

We have to stop the us against them culture that is eroding Revelstoke. In no way did we want a conflict with the Revelstoke Cycling Association-the words “War over Sunnyside” create animosity against the parties involved. The title was not our idea.

We met with the Reviews reporter for almost two hours on issues we had with the application and process. The issues we have with lack of consultation and all the questions we have with wildlife, environment, parking, garbage and waste and just due process in which we ( Mt.Cartier area residents) feel we were left out.

I believe the story he wrote kind of paints our concerns as unimportant and invalid. If there is any chance of a resolution we have to be heard and questions answered honestly, until then it will only get worse.

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The RCA may want more trails, but it should never outweigh honesty, clean water, environment and inclusiveness of area residents, does the trail really need to be in this location? It doesn’t matter how much work went into planning if it’s not done right it’s really not valid.

You say approval of trail began in 2017 yet the article you take us to, dated April 2018, states that the RCA was looking at Sunnyside trail, and then the most recent approval was in May 2019.

In none of these articles is there reference to hikers or local residents issues and there is no pubic meeting notice.

We have Revelstoke Mountain Resort building trails, a new adventure park in Greeley is being approved (many kilometres of planned trails) why does the RCA “need” this controversial trail?

I’m sure the $60,000 they spent on this trail could have went to the upkeep on the other trail networks that seem to be neglected or forgotten. It seems like a clean slate is easier then fixing past mistakes, let’s hope Sunnyside doesn’t become another past mistake.

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It’s sad that, in my opinion, non-biased reporting has become harder and harder to find and the truth rarely sees the light.

This whole Sunnyside fiasco could have been avoided with proper consultation and process but it seems that RCA “needs” trump longtime residents opinions and concerns.

Shame on missing the mark on this, public money should benefit all residents of Revelstoke not just special interest groups and their businesses.

We miss our heritage hiking trail, it’s time to make this right!

The disrespect shown to locals and our natural environment is unprecedented, it will never be the same.

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Daren Corneliuson




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