When the sunset hits Mt. Begbie just right. (File photo)

When the sunset hits Mt. Begbie just right. (File photo)

LETTER: Response to Mt. Begbie chalet proposal

What kind of planet do you want to leave your children?

Letter to the editor

Re: Mt. Begbie Alpine Chalets proposal

An open letter to the proponents of the Mt. Begbie Alpine Chalets proposal:

Mr. Ian Tomm

Mr. Tom Ebbern

Mr. Nick Holmes-Smith

After attending the Sept. 25 public meeting, I would like to convey my thoughts regarding your proposal:

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  1. It was obvious, in your introductory remarks, that you were purposely portraying the current uses on Mt. Begbie in a negative light. Logging moving up the mountain due to climate change, the possibilities of mineral extraction for increased cell phone demand, over use by hikers, campers, sledders, and skiers, human waste and garbage, all in an attempt to make it seem to the audience that two more small nails in the coffin is no big deal. This approach was meant to mislead your audience.
  2. Your proposal is for two chalets, one 16 person hut and the other a luxury 16 person European style lodge with ensuites and running water as well as licensed dining and catering plus a utility hut onsite. If the project reaches full build out and maximum capacity (including staffing), on any given day there could be upwards of 40 people impacting the mountain. That is 120 meals/day, along with all the food waste and garbage generated with that. Also, what about laundry and chemical cleaners? Bedding, towels, kitchen linens, dining linens will all have to be washed numerous times a week plus bathrooms cleaned etc. How can you suggest that there would be no increase in helicopter flights when you state that everything has to be moved to and from the mountain via helicopter? How can you suggest that this is sustainable? How can you suggest that there will be no impact on the environment? I’ll take the dozen or so errant campers, thank you very much.
  3. To point number two, beware the bait and switch! Now that you know the citizens of Revelstoke do not support this proposal, you will sharpen your pencils and come back with a much smaller proposal, thinking that we will be amenable to it just because it isn’t as ridiculous as the first. Well, the answer is still NO!
  4. In an era where climate change is real and carbon emissions are a huge part of the problem, what are you thinking? What you are proposing will increase emissions and irreparably harm a delicate alpine ecosystem. What kind of planet do you want to leave your children?
  5. In my opinion, there were so many other gaps, misinformation and mischaracterization in the presentation, it would take multiple pages to address them all. Thank you to the people who spoke so eloquently last night to the many issues that this proposal does not address.
  6. Lastly, in my opinion there was 100 per cent opposition to your proposal at the Sept. 25 meeting. I would suggest to you that many citizens of Revelstoke spoke loud and clear, and you can save yourself a lot of time and money by listening to them. Put your dollars to better use by participating in ways to protect Mt. Begbie, not exploit it.

Janet Delesalle

Revelstoke, B.C.



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