Letter to the editor: Looking to the rest of the world for environmental inspiration

Letter to the editor: Looking to the rest of the world for environmental inspiration

To the editor,

Election time is coming up. We all need to get involved and make informed decisions on who we vote for to do the best for our country. There is so much to consider; climate change, gun control, cost of housing and medication, health care, and many more concerning issues.

As I read what other countries are doing to help our planet, it seems that our country is way behind.

In the Philippines, before students can graduate from high school and university, they have to plant 10 trees. They plant them in abandoned mines, urban areas, and existing forests.

Ecuador, Columbia, New Zealand, and Bangladesh give the natural world the same rights as humans. They see people and nature as one and they protect nature from exploitation.

In Japan the hand wash sink is attached to the toilet so that the water you wash your hands in goes into the toilet water for flushing.

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Australia has reduced the use of plastic bags by 80 per cent.

Paris is opening the world’s largest rooftop urban farm. This will supply locals with tons of fruits and veggies which they grow vertically and without the use of pesticides. This rooftop farm needs minimal water and there is no need for long transportation of the produce so there are no emissions being let off from transport trucks.

France has also banned plastic cups, plates and cutlery.

And young Greta Thunberg from Sweden is sending out messages to the world about how we can save our planet. It is not too late but we have to act now. We need a government that will help us cut down on emissions.

This is what I have read and this is what we need to consider. We need to hear what they will do to help save our planet. We don’t need to hear about negative actions that happened years ago. How childish is that?!

As for gun control, we all want to live in a safe country so there needs to be a way to achieve this that most people will be happy with.

My vote will go to the party that will do our part as a country to make our environment healthier and will work towards affordable housing, safe communities and good health care.

Donna Naprstek




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