PST patience was wise

Columbia River–Revelstoke BC Liberal nominee Doug Clovechok praises the government's 'patience' with PST return


Saint Augustine wrote that “patience is the companion of wisdom” and it would seem that Norm Macdoanld might need a good dose of both when it comes his understanding of the HST.  Recently he claimed, in reference to the HST, that nothing has changed and that there is no end in sight. Well he could not have been more wrong.

On May 14th Finance Minster Kevin Falcon introduced legislation that will return British Columbia to the PST in April 2013. As committed, the PST is being re-implemented with all the permanent exemptions. What is really exciting is the new common sense improvements that will make administration of the sales tax easier for business. These changes will simplify business compliance and reduce costs for small and large business alike.  The improvements reflect the recommendations that were made by the business community and an expert panel on business taxations that was struck in January.

In addition the government has updated the Taxpayer Fairness and Service Code which Minister Falcon stated “demonstrates that this government is committed to taxpayer rights, fair dispute resoultion and timely appeals” with the reintroducation of the PST, we are refreshing the code and affirming our continuing committment to fairness and service to tax payers.

The process back to the PST has taken time but it has been time well worth it and has been done with British Columbians in mind. Contrary to Macdonald’s notion that there was no end in sight, your government has not only listened but made sure that we got it right; for all of our families. In the end, at least on the BC Liberal side of the House, patience does end up being the champion of wisdom.

Doug Clovechok

BC Liberal Candidate Nominee, Columbia River–Revelstoke