Revelstoke Growls and Hugs for May 30

Revelstoke Growls and Hugs for May 30

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Traveller’s thank you

On May 9, my husband and I arrived late to our hotel reservation at the Days inn in Revelstoke due to a rockslide accident in which we were fortunately unhurt despite the damage to our car.

This letter is to express our thanks to Jen, the receptionist, at the Days Inn who made every effort to make us comfortable including offering food and drinks.

In addition, although we had made insurance arrangements with our private insurance, we still had to deal with ICBC and Jen recommended visiting Hub Insurance the next morning for assistance.

She even confirmed the opening hours for us.

We were made welcome at Hub Insurance where we were allowed the use of their phones to make our necessary contacts with ICBC.

Such courtesy from two private businesses in such a stressful situation for two seniors is greatly appreciated and,I am sure, a reflection of how they conduct business with the local residents.

Our sincere thanks to everyone involved.


Oh, Revelstoke the beautiful! Summer is here and guess what else? The “odour” from the sewage plant. Thanks guys, if it is the best you can do.

Showing up

Like many British Columbians, I am increasingly concerned about our record-setting floods, heat, and wildfires of recent years.

Instead of feeling hopeless at the slow pace of change to address climate change, I decided to engage the democratic process. Last week, I joined 6 other concerned citizen volunteers from across BC to lobby our elected leaders in Victoria at the BC Legislative Assembly.

Three in our group were articulate teenagers who understand that their future is in jeopardy if we don’t get serious about this issue.

In total, we met with 16 MLAs from all three parties, including five ministers.

Our asks revolved around a better climate plan and more comprehensive carbon pricing system.

We are also asking that the government phase out subsidies and supports to the oil and gas sector including LNG, which work directly against climate action.

We met with champions from all parties who want to do the right thing. They need to know that citizens are behind them so they have the courage to enact effective policies needed for a stable climate. We need to speak out because special interests are influencing our government day-in and day-out to weaken climate action.

It is hard to know if we made a difference. But one that is clear – by not showing up, our voices remain silent.-Laura Sacks, Castlegar

Long table dinner

Cheers to the lovely team at Dose for a fantastic event on May 18. The food was delectable, the company was divine and the decor was beautiful. Well done! Looking forward to the next of these events.

Line ups

I’m thinking that the line ups at the post office need to have a game associated with them. I don’t think I’ve lined up anywhere for that long in quite awhile, but maybe with we had a dance party or played the telephone game it would take our minds off the wait! Then again I went in again the next day and didn’t have to wait at all. I guess it is all about timing.

Gas prices

Drove to Kelowna this weekend, had to fill up here before I left, unfortunately. Next time I will try to make it to Vernon, it was 8 cents cheaper there! But I guess driving on the Trans Canada highway is a long way to ship things…