The October standoff resulted in our most-read story of the year. (Marissa Tiel/ Revelstoke Review)

The October standoff resulted in our most-read story of the year. (Marissa Tiel/ Revelstoke Review)

Revelstoke Review’s most-read stories of 2017

Revelstoke continues to make its mark on the world and 2017 was no exception. We take a look at some of this year’s most-read online stories.

10- Burial in avalanche a wake-up call for Revelstoke resident: 5,158 views

While walking her dog in mid-January at Carnes Creek campground north of town, Revelstoke resident Lindsey Corrigan was caught by surprise when she and her partner triggered an avalanche.

“We were walking along the bottom of the cut bank that goes up towards that new gravel pit and we remote triggered that slope and it fell down on top of me,” she said. “It was crazy.”

She was burried completely, with only the pom-pom of her toque showing. She was dug out by her partner and learned a valuable lesson in avalanche safety.

“Never underestimate a slope and just because you’re doing something that isn’t extreme doesn’t mean there’s no risk associated with it,” she said.

9- Refurbished fire lookout may be torn down: 5,702 views

When news broke in October that a recently renovated former forestry lookout on Eagle Pass was slated for tear-down, it got a lot of readers interested. The Eagle Pass lookout was build in 1922 for CP and was later used as a forestry lookout. After the wood structure burned down, locals built it back, but there are questions as to whether the process was legal. A petition with more than 8,000 signatures is asking the B.C. government to not tear it down.

8- Revelstoke women escape mass shooting: 6,494 views

Las Vegas was the site of the United States’ worst mass shooting in history. A number of locals were in Vegas at the time and we spoke with a group of women who were attending the music festival when the shooting broke out.

“It was surreal, I remember walking through the casinos after and people were gambling and laughing and having a great time because they didn’t know,” said Tiffany Beerling. “I’ve never heard gunfire like that before in my life.”

7- Kyle McCabe’s long road to a fentanyl overdose: 7,217 views

Fentanyl continues to be an issue in Canada and B.C. is no exception. Former editor Alex Cooper spoke with a family and shared their personal connection with the drug.

6- UPDATE: Trans-Canada Highway is open east of Revelstoke: 7,341 views

The Trans-Canada Highway was an active thoroughfare and this fall, readers were interested in one closure in particular. On Oct. 22, the highway was closed east of Revelstoke for a number of hours. The closure was caused by two different collisions.

5- Search underway for Jared Szabo: 7,531 views

When Szabo’s disappearance was first reported in early August, there was a lot of reader interest. He was discovered in Upper Arrow Lake on Aug. 22.

Kelowna’s Allan Ellsworth’s body was also found near Nakusp on Sept. 16. The men disappeared around the same time. Police said there was no foul play with either of the men.

4- Video: Airport Way re-opens following massive avalanche off Mount Cartier: 7,535 views

On May 4, snow and debris cascaded down Mount Cartier and blocked Airport Way for a day as it was cleared.

3- UPDATE: Trans-Canada Highway open from Revelstoke to Sicamous after washout: 8,395 views

In June, the Trans-Canada Highway was closed for 40 hours west of Revelstoke after a washout at Camp Creek.

2- Truck driver dead, another in coma after Trans-Canada crash: 13,671 views

The fatal crash happened in May near Alberta Canyon. Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said a tracter trailer going east crossed the centre line and hit two vehicles– a pickup truck with a family and an empty logging truck – before it went off the road. “The driver of the vehicle that went off the road was located in the cab of vehicle,” said Grabinsky. “The truck was decimated and he succumbed to his injuries.”

The fatal incident resulted in a 10 hour highway closure while police and the coroner investigated the accident and the scene was cleaned up.

1- UPDATE: Man linked to Calgary homicide dies after standoff with Revelstoke RCMP: 17,601 views

Over the course of five hours on a stormy Oct. 17, we stayed on the scene of a standoff on Victoria Road. A man wanted in connection with a Calgary homicide was pulled over by police in Revelstoke. It was a high-risk traffic stop and cops remained around the vehicle with their guns pointed at the car. When they finally did go into the vehicle, they discovered the driver had died of self-inflicted injuries.